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2019 Land Pride 3P806NT

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Land Pride



  • Category ll hitch: Easy 3-point mounting on various types of tractors.
  • Choice of 2x13 Single Press Wheel or 3x13 Center Rib Press Wheel: Press wheel options allow tailoring to various soil conditions.
  • 4 Speed Gearbox for various seed rates: Makes seed rates changes quick and painless.
  • Calibration Crank: Calibrating your machine will allow you to put on only the amount you desire.
  • Coulter Grease Bank: Lubricate all components from one location.
  • Folding Rear Ladder: Fold up out of the way while doing maintenance.
  • Safety Lighting: Makes it safer to transport.
  • Acremeter: Indicates the acres planted.
  • Seed Level Indicator: Easy to read from the tractors seat and indicates the amount of seed left.
  • Gas Shock Assisted: Lids To assist in opening lids and keeping it in an open position.
  • Choice of two different coulters: Give you a wide range of penetration and performances.
  • Drill Model: 3P806NT
  • Row Spacing: 7.5 in (19.1 cm).
  • Rows per drill: 13
  • Swath: 97.5 in (247.7 cm)
  • Weight, pounds: 4054-4500 lbs (1839-2041 kg)
  • Transport Width approx.: 99 in (251 cm)
  • Height approx.: 95 in (2.41 m)
  • Length approx.: 141 in (3.56 m)
  • Transport Clearance approx.: 16 in (40.6 cm)
  • Capacities: Main Seed Box 16 bu (564 liters); Dual Seed Box 8 bu (282 liters); Native Grass Box 8 bu (282 liters); Small Seeds Box 1.9 bu (67 liters); Fertilizer Box 7.4 cubic feet (211 liters)
  • Agitators: Optional in Main Seed Box; Standard in optional Dual Seed box.; Standard in optional Native Grass box.
  • Transport/Lift-Assist: Wheel 265/70B 16.5 NHS Skid Steer
  • Ground Drive: Wheel 5.70L x 8, 8x3.75 4-bolt rim
  • Tractor Requirements: Semi-Mounted 3-Point Category II hitch, 80 hp (60 kW), 1 hydraulic circuit
Transport Clearance with rear lift lock channels installed, and semi-mounted hitch elevated to drill-level. Weight considered with rear lift lock channels installed, and semi-mounted hitch elevated to drill-level.



Row Count
97.5 in. (247.7 cm)
Seed Box Capacity
Main Seed: 16 bu. (564 L); Dual Seed: 8 bu. (282 L); Native Grass: 8 bu. (282 L); Small Seeds: 1.9 bu. (67 L); Fertilizer: 7.4 cu. ft. (211 L)
Empty Weight
4054-4500 lb. (1839-2041 kg)


141 in. (3.56 m)
99 in. (251 cm)
95 in. (2.41 m)

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